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What is Web Hosting?

Richard Lin September 26, 2012
What is Web Hosting?

Courtesy: myinternetaccess.net

In the previous post I have talked briefly about domain name. If I would had to write articles in series about basic web development components in general, then after domain name, the next best appropriate topic to describe will be about web hosting. So, if you haven’t heard about what domain name is, you can go through the link here.

In term of computer science, according to thefreedictionary.com “host” literary means a computer that provides client stations with access to files and printers as shared resources to a computer network. Well, that was kind of the old-school meaning. Since the world of computer science has developed rapidly, today the term host has a wider meaning. However the point of the meaning still makes sense. A host would be still a computer that provides access to files in a network.

Besides web hosting, you may have heard about file hosting site (mediafire.com is my favorite one), image hosting site (flickr.com is the famous one), and video hosting site (youtube.com, I bet you know this one very well). So, what is web hosting then? I hope you already get a clue about it, yes I could just simply say; web hosting is a place where you host your website.

Analogy of Domain Name and Web Hosting

I tried to make an analogy for you to understand what domain name is in my past post before. I think it is a good idea to continue that analogical story here. If a told you before that a domain name is just like an address for your property, then web hosting is all about the place. Web hosting is where you build your website. So, when you need to host your website there are several things to consider:

  • Disk Space: Represents how large “land” (disk space) you need for your “building” (website), maybe you only need 20 MB of space for your small home (personal website), 50 MB for your office (company profile), 100 MB for your shop (online store). It depends on your needs.
  • Bandwidth: Reflect how people have enough room to visit your place, it’s like how big your parking lot and also the street that giving the access to your “building”. If you have a lot more visitors day by day, then you will need bigger bandwidth to be provided.
  • Server Location: If in the real life “location” is something really important for your property. It’s not really a matter in the online world. Anywhere your web hosting server located, it still and always can be accessed online anywhere and anytime. You can even have your server in your own home. However you may consider whether your target visitors are local or worldwide. It could be better to put your server just in your own home country if your target visitors are your local country people.

The others things for web hosting is better not to be explained by the analogy, from those two components I hope you have got what I mean here about web hosting.

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